No Dawnguard for PS3 until performance improves

first_imgAnyone who’s played Skyrim on a PS3 has probably already experienced a few performance problems. The biggest of those occurred back in November last year when a save game bug rendered the game unplayable. It meant the game got more and more laggy the longer you played, to the point where you couldn’t continue and had to reset the console. That issue was fixed in January, but Bethesda continues to have a difficult time working with the PS3 hardware.The Dawnguard expansion was released as a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 late last month, and yesterday PC gamers got their hands on it, but what of the PS3 version?Bethesda has explained on its blog that PS3 gamers won’t be seeing the Skyrim expansion any time soon. The reason? The performance they are able to achieve isn’t great, suggesting it’s unplayable at the moment.The choice the Dawnguard development team had to make is release the expansion in sub-optimal form or continue to work with it and figure out how to get it on par with the 360 and PC versions. They chose the latter and look to be scratching their heads over why they can’t get the game running better.The PS3 has always been classed as a difficult machine to develop games for due to its architecture. But it was thought that the maturity of software libraries now had managed to overcome the difficulties earlier games suffered with. That’s clearly not the case for Bethesda’s Creation Engine.Unfortunately there is no release windows specified for Dawnguard on PS3. It is just a wait and see situation with no end in sight. If Bethesda can’t get Dawnguard running well enough, there is a chance we’ll never see it released on Sony’s platform.Read more at the Bethesda Bloglast_img

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