Forza 4 to get Kinect head tracking

first_imgThe Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, is next week, and already a lot of great news is getting out that companies just don’t want to save for the show floor. For example, Microsoft and Turn 10 insiders have posted a sneak peek of what’s in store for racing game fans in Forza Motorsport 4, which will be on display for everyone to see. Forza 4 will get support for Microsoft Kinect, which will track your head while you race around the track. Turn your head left, and your camera view will shift left.Microsoft says they studied the behaviors of real gamers when they play racing games with controllers and racing wheels, and wanted to use Kinect to emulate the experience of actual driving. When you make a left turn in a car, you actually turn your head to the left so you can see ahead of the turn you’re about to make. Forza 4 will let you do the same thing by tracking the orientation of your head.The Kinect integration is primarily for look and camera view. Microsoft did say more details about Forza 4 and all of the new features in the game will be released at E3 and didn’t want to give away too much. The video showcasing the new head tracking feature is up on Xbox Live Insider and on YouTube regardless, so they can consider this bit of news no longer a secret, at least.Aside from realism, Microsoft also says they want to give gamers the experience of leaning into a turn and looking around while they drive. The Kinect integration is useful, and removes the need for additional controller buttons to change the driver’s view, but it cuts both ways. You won’t want to turn your head to talk to a friend or glance down at your ringing cell phone in the middle of the race, just to look up and not see the track.Read more at Forza Motorsport, via Eurogamerlast_img

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